Facts and Focus of the NMS 1 Kufstein

The NMS 1 Kufstein has existed since the end oft he 1960s and the school was then called the Hauptschule1.

In the early 1970s the students were split up, with boys assigned to NMS 1 and girls to NMS2.

However, this type of division came to an end in the 1970s and the students were divided heterogeneosly into districts in both schools.

At Kufsteiner middle schools, as they are called now, we speak of he largests in the Kufstein educational region, so around 700 students attend both schools each year.

301 students are currently visiting MS1 Kufstein. They are divided into 13 classes, but there will be already 14 classes at the MS 1 in the comming school year (2020/21). These pupils will be taught by a total of 45 teachers acording to the latest level of pedagogy.

But students from the surrounding villages of Thiersee and Schwoich also visit the Kufstein secondary school, as there are no secondary schools in these villages.

We offer several focus areas for our students to choose from. On the one hand, there is an increased range of sports in the schools and the digital development of the pupils is also a main focus.

We try to implement the framework conditions given by the city such as Sports Arena, ice-rink, swimming pool, tennis court, football stadium and an athletics arena, in the best possible way in class.

One of our main focuses is of course the integration of children from countries with a non German mother tongue. The proportion of pupils from foreign countries is around 60 % and it can be imaged that this relatively high proportion represents a major challenge for teachers in daily classes.

About every day we try to develop understanding of other cultures and ways of life for the students through various projects.

I can proudly say that the secondary schools in Kufstein live a united Europe every day.

We use very open teaching methods at our school in order to prepare the students as best as possible for a job or for attending a secondary school later. We try to educate them to become independent and self employed, which seems to be very important to me especially in times like these.

Our school was awarded the gold sports seal of approval and this year the MS 1 Kufstein also received the certificate for e-educatiion which is particularly due tot he digital development oft he school.

Middle Schools 1 and 2 in Kufstein are institutions in the heart of Europe in which the basic principles oft he Eurpean Union are lived and taught anew every day.

Responsible for the content

Rudolf Ritzer, director of the school